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Today's growing organizations have realized that training is the key to growing stronger and remaining competitive - but what training? How much? From whom?

The Challenge

Training should be clear, effective, timely, and affordable. Ideally, your team should have the training they need when they need it - but perhaps you don't have the means or the time to generate it in-house.

The Solution

MCS TECHNOLOGIES has helped many people throughout the world meet rigorous training demands. Whether it's the application of a current MCS offering or development of a brand new course for a company, MCS TECHNOLOGIES can help you out for the same.

Program Details

MCS Technologies has total seven Programs:

These programs are very much essential for the engineers in professional field. These programs are specially designed for fresher’s. After the successful completion of this program, candidate will achieve the full knowledge in respective fields.

1. MCS Technologies Certified Telecom Infrastructure Engineer (MCTIE)
Program Structure

Communication Basics of Telecom
GSM, CDMA, WCDMA(3G), LTE(4G), etc .
Multiple accessing methods, satellite communication
Mux, Demux, Amplifier, Repeater, Modulation Techniques.
Telecom switching system.
Basic of optical communication, Optimization, Networking
RND Survey, Map info, GPS, RL Tool, TND Survey, EMF Survey, NOC, OMC, DT

2. MCS Technologies Certified Network Engineer (MCNE)
Program Structure

Communication Basics of Telecom
• GSM, CDMA, WCDMA(3G), LTE(4G), etc.
Basics of Telecom Networks
Telecom Networks Switching
CCNA Basics
• Basics of Hardware and Networking, OSI Layers, TCP/IP, Types of Protocols etc.
CCNA Advance
• Routers and Routing, Routing Protocols, Types of Routing ,ACL, VLAN, , VPN,IPv6, etc.
CCNA Lab Training
• Configuration of TCP/IP Services on Host, Initial ,configuration of Router, Routing Configuration ,ACL, VLAN,IPv6, etc
UNIX Basics
• Introduction, Features & Architecture, Basics of Commands, etc.
UNIX Advance
• UNIX file System, VI Editor, Types of Attributes, etc.

3. MCS Technologies Certified Network Professional (MCNP)
Program Structure

CCNP ROUTE (642-902)

Basics of Networking, EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol),OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), router Optimization, BGP (Border Gateway Protocol),IPv6 Routing Protocols,IPv6 – IPv4 Communication, VPN (Virtual Private Network),GRE (Generic Routing Protocol),Broadband Technologies

CCNP SWITCH (642-813)

Introduction and Types of Switch, VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) and VLAN Trunking, STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) and PVST, Adv. STP (RSTP and MST),HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol),VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol),GLBP (Gateway Load Balancing Protocol),WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network

CCNP TSHOOT (642-832)

Introduction, Tshoot Process

4. MCS Technologies Certified Software Engineer (MCSE)
Program Structure

Core Java Contents

JVM Architecture, Data types, Variables, Keywords and Identifiers, Operators and Expressions, Naming Conventions in Java, Control Flow Statements, Arrays, Command Line Arguments. Object and Class. Object Oriented Programming(OOP), Inheritance, Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Inner Classes, Access Specifiers, Access Modifiers, Packages, Collection Frame Work. Exception Handling, Multi-Threading, Input/output Streams, Networking, AWT, Applets and Swings

SQL Sever

Data Definition Language, Using Constrains(Not Null, Unique, Primary, Check,), Performing DML Operations, Writing Queries using(Functions, Single Row and Group, Operators, Conditional, Logical and Set, Clauses, Where, Group By, Having and Order By, Sub – Queries, Correlated Sub – Queries, Joins), Transaction Control Language, Creating tables from existing tables, Managing Security with Data Control Language, Creating Views, Understanding the Data Storage Architecture, Creating Indexes, Writing procedures, Writing User-Defined Functions, DML and DDL Triggers

C# Programming

Object-oriented concepts, Introduction to .NET Framework, Writing C# classes, Language Fundamentals, Inheritance and Polymorphism, Exception Handling, Attributes and Reflection, Collections Framework, Delegates and Events, Windows Applications using WinForms, File I/O & Serialization, XML using .NET, Multithreading, ADO.NET, Deployment.

Asp.Net Basic with C#

MS.NET Framework, Web Technologies, Web Sites and Page Frameworks, ASP.NET Server Controls, ASP.NET State Management and Caching, ASP.NET User Controls, ASP.NET Custom Controls, Master Pages and themes and more....

Real time project in asp.net .

Advance version of Asp.net


MVC,Jquery,AJAX,LINQ,,ADO.Net EntityFramework

5. MCS Technologies Certified Catia Professional (MCCP)
Program Structure

2-Dimension drawing
     •  Constrain of drawing
     •  Drawing views on different planes

Part designing on Catia
     •  All the planes
     •  3D convertion from 2D drawing

Assembly of machine parts
Simulation of machine design
Project on Catia
     •  2 updated projects as per recent technology

6. MCS Technologies Certified Solid Edge Professional (MCSEP)
Program Structure

Computer aided drawing- Solid Edge
     •  Basic Knowledge of drawing
     •  Point, Line, Plane, Solid, Isometric, Development
     •  Computer aided machine drawing
     •  2- Dimensional Drawing, Part designing, Assembly
     •  Exploded view of Assembly, Drafting of Assembly
     •   Constrain of Solid Edge
     •  Sheet Metal

7. MCS Technologies Certified CNC Programing (MCCNCP)
Program Structure

Basic knowledge of tool & integration to computer
M- codes & G-codes for CNC Programing
Operation of Machine on CNC
     •  Lathe Machine
     •  Step cutting, Cylindrical cutting, Taper turning, Step turning
     •  Drilling Machine
     •  Drilling, Boring, Counter Boring, Counter Shinking
Addition of cutting on any two machine based on student’s demand.

Note: For CNC Programing, the software application and procedure of total handling through computer is available.

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